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The Best Shirts For Sublimation

Sublimation is the process of the sublimation ink dying the polyester fibers of the shirt. A high polyester shirt will yield the best results. Sublimation is limiting since your sublimation ink can only dye fabrics lighter than the ink. Since sublimation ink is Black, Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta that means any fabric that is darker than the ink can not be sublimated on (Example black shirts).

Now we bring on the bleach! This is why bleaching shirts became so popular. We knew we needed light fabric to sublimate on, but customers wanted dark shirts. So we gave them the best of both worlds by bleaching where the design would go yielding light fabric, and still giving the customer a dark shirt. 

Now to the goods. The best shirts for sublimation are still shirts high in polyester. Bella Canva, and Gildan Softstyle tees in the heather colors, offer some great options that are 65% in polyester. You can still use tees with 48%+ polyester, but the results will have a vintage look. I would not recommend using anything less that 48% polyester.

Here at DWD Tees we offer our DWD branded tees and they have a 65% polyester count. These are specifically great for sublimation, but can also be used for screen print transfers, vinyl, and screen printing. We also offer some Bella Canva 3001 CVC options on the site as well, and these are the 48% polyester shirts. You will yield a vintage design with these shirts, but they still work nicely for sublimation. 


Happy Crafting!